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Ilogical was to be a C64 conversion of a title which has seen release on a variety of platforms, and is a cool Picross clone:

Sadly the C64 edition was never properly finished. Initially things were very slow by getting info from the Spectrum developer, as he had a very demanding job. Eventually the coder did get the info they needed, but there were other problems mixed in that made development halt.

As a result – for the first time, here are the remains of the title in various builds and bitmaps – which it seems a massive shame was never released. Thanks to Jazzcat for giving the heads up on this game for the archive.

The coder got in touch recently in December 2015, and confirmed that they would like to resume the project some day – but now 5 years has passed, they will have to alter some of the code – due to some routines that need fixing. Sadly he’s confirmed that the latest version of the game was lost, so some work would need to be re-done.

Watch this space!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Woodmaster

Supporting content

Available downloads

Update history

04/12/15 – Details that the game could get completed.

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