Dozy Dodo


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Advertised in many magazines, this was a title being sold by Anik Microsystems… however only two Anik games exist and seem to have been released on the C64.

The advert describes the game as follows:

"Did you know that the Dodo lays its eggs in mid-flight? Conservation Charlie is doing is best to save the species but is it enough? (Joystick required)"

So it seems that the game may have just been a single screen affair where you must catch falling eggs from the sky for points, maybe not much more than that?

The game was being sold very cheaply at around £4, compared to the higher price of their titles in Gamebase. Maybe this was a simple BASIC game that was being sold for quick profit?

We know very little more about this than the above, a lot more research needed and hopefully we will find some of the people who used to work for Anik.

More soon we hope on this title…

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