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Dromedia Software

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Also known as: Cricket, Pirate Island and Soccer Supremo

A quick entry to cover a series of titles which were advertised by Dromedia Software back around 1984 time for the TI-99/4A and C64 platforms.

The set of software was listed as Soccer Supremo, Pirate Island and Cricket.

Soccer Supremo was described as a soccer management game, where you control your squad, rating, finance in order to take them from the 4th division to the champions of 1st Division.

Pirate Island was a board simulation for two players where you had to gather treasure and return to the home port.

Cricket was a limited overs match between England and West Indies. You state the number of overs and control team selection.

It is very possible that all games were sold on the C64, with Pirate Island seemingly out there and is within the C64 tapes collection … http://c64tapes.org/title.php?id=5466 … but is not yet preserved.

Stephen Horsfall got in touch with GTW64 and he suggests that after the Ti-99 market collapsed in the UK, they went straight to Amiga and may not have released the C64 versions. A few were sold by post for the Ti-99 but not many. It seems that at least Pirate Island made it though and we hope to see it preserved. The others may be a stretch too far to find!

Watch this space!

Contributions: Stephen Horsfall

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Stephen Horsfall talks about his time on Dromedia Software titles:

“Together with a friend I programmed these games. Sadly I no longer have copies of the files.

We may not of done it on the C64, when the support for the Ti-99 collapsed in uk. We may have gone straight to the Amiga. We certainly sold a few by post for the TI-99, but not many.

Similar for the Amiga. Computing for us was only a hobby. The friendship broke up. and we both concentrated on our day jobs!”

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