English Invaders


Status: Full Game, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Invaders English

A quick entry, but this educational game was advertised early in 1984 in a few magazines as a list of games coming soon from Comm*Data / Channel Software.

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With this game, we know very little at present. What happened to it?… Is it just very obscure that a copy has not been found yet?… Some Channel 8 games are very hard to find, so maybe this is another?

Is it even the same game that Rabbit software released on the Vic 20?… but a C64 conversion? (Rabbit released a few Comm*Data games back in the day)

Contributor Brandon Campbell confirms that he had the C64 game and it was indeed the same as the Vic 20 title, where you would see a word fly down and press V for Verb, N for Noun etc.  A bit later, contributor Allan Pinkerton very kindly passed on a copy which he produced from a tape back up.  Here it is fully preserved!

We hope to get the tape added soon, but it confirms that the title was indeed released, so its case closed!

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Brandon Campbell, Allan Pinkerton

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Update history

  • 27/09/21 – Another disk version preserved thanks to Allan Pinkerton.
  • 08/09/14 – Game preserved thanks to Allan Pinkerton
  • 28/08/14 – Brandon Campbell confirms the C64 version is the same as Vic 20 version.

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  1. I uploaded the Disk version which is the same except the boot code since the one above came from Tape and had dox added this new one is the disk version! Uploaded to Frank last week so it can be preserved!
    Thanks Frank!

  2. I see a website selling the game. The website is called Retrogames.co.uk.com. I saw it there back in the year 2008. I confirmed with the owner 6 months ago that it’s still in stock.

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