Double Density

Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

A ace game, unofficially known as Katakis 2, with the programmer none other than Turrican god Manfred Trenz.

Packed to the brim with amazing power-ps, great backdrops, epic soundtracks and incredible parallax scrolling, it’s a real shame this one never made the shelves over here in the UK.

It is an amazing game…. just remember the Turrican 2 space levels, and this is what you get in more power and capability. Its stunning, and amoungst the greats of Armalyte and Lions Of The Universe… Its just a shame it never got a worldwide release to give it the recognition it deserves.

Although officially released by Double Density in Germany, all of Manfreds game’s were released in the UK (I think?), so in a way this feels like a lost game to the commercial C64 community.

Simply this game was intended as a final hurrah on the C64 by Manfred, as he worked on the back of various console projects. It made Manfred a little bit of money on a classic formula which was so successful in his previous shooters, and from the levels of Turrican 2.

Take time to enjoy this stunner…

Contributions: Ian Osbourne

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