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A big thanks to Witold Bryndza who gave us the heads up about this long lost Timsoft which recently had an article published with a download link at C&A Fan. This was a game developed by a team called Artcore for Timsoft.

This is a neat little flick screen platformer with some colourful graphics which sees you having to find around 13 special squares across the map to progress further, whilst avoiding a series of enemies such as bats, snakes and giant snails.

It seems this was another Timsoft title that was caught up in the demise of the C64 and hence never got a full release until now. Its unsure why it has taken so long to surface, but we are glad it now has.

Overall it’s not the most spectacular game we have played, and it can get a little boring and samey to play, but it is rare to find an unreleased title in such a complete state, and this is a good example to digitally preserve and share with others.

Rafal Kwasny has been in touch and will hopefully be shedding some more light on their game (as well as other Artcore titles) very soon. He’s currently dusting down his disks and is starting to find bits and pieces. More here soon, but the level editors were already online, so we’ve added this to the archive.

Go check it out and watch this space for more details…

Contributions: Witold Bryndza, Rafal Kwasny

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Update history

19/12/13 – Creator has given news that new findings are on the way. Added level editor to downloads.

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