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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Flame Island was to be a sophisticated adventure with graphics and sound, as described by its advert in the December 1984 edition of Personal Computer Games.

The aim was to try and find an Emerald of Power within Flame Island and then escape.

Unfortunately none of us got to do that, and the game doesn’t seem to have ever surfaced. The game was only advertised for the Commodore 64 and no other platforms.

The company only seemed to have games released in 1984, so it is possible that the company went under before those two games could be released.

Peter Wood got in touch with GTW64 back in 2012, and has suggested that he still may have a copy of the game. We hope soon as a result that we may see the game fully preserved!

Contributions: Iain Black

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Peter Wood discusses recovering his work:

“I should have both source code and final product for all the games that Dave Rotor and I wrote. It is possible that these games weren’t ever released commercially, to be honest at this distance I can’t remember.

I finally found my Commodore 64 diskette archive, plus various bits of hardware. All was going well until the first 1541 went bang (literally)! My second 1541 has read errors, so I will have to do some engineering in order to attempt to read the diskettes I have found. I hope to be able to do this sometime before Christmas, depending on work commitments.

The good news is that I do have diskettes of High Flyer, Rail Boss, Star Commander (aka Galactic Controller), Flame Island, Fame Quest and possibly some others.”

Peter Wood talks about Brain games:

“Brain Games was an experiment I started under the umbrella of Amplicon, but unfortunately it didn’t make any money, so we abandoned it after just a year. Amplicon started back in 1973 and flourished for many years in the electronics and computer field.

I was the founding director of Amplicon Micro Systems Ltd in 1979, selling Commodore hardware to businesses in the South East of England, and subsequently a main board director of Amplicon Electronics Ltd (the parent company). The company lives on, sadly without any of the original staff, as Amplicon Liveline: http://amplicon.co.uk whilst I started First Base in 1989, where I am still CEO.”

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