Lords Of The Rising Sun


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Yet another C64 conversion of a Cinemaware game hits the GTW archives, and this time another classic in the form of “Lords of the Rising Sun”.

Very similiar in style to Defender of the Crown, Lords of the Rising Sun this time set you in 12th century Japan, doing various battles and interactive sequences.

The C64 conversion was not overly official, though an Amiga review of the game stated that a C64 conversion was coming soon. Zzap also confirmed that a C64 version was coming soon in a preview page in issue 49 on page 89. The C64 was also listed in the ACE magazine review as “Under development”. Sadly nothing more was ever heard – the usual story!

With a large list now of C64 titles which never saw the light of day, we now need to start tracking down some developers from Cinemaware to find out more about these lost conversions.

This is all we currently know at the moment. There seems to be no screenshots or anything else released in any of the press. It’s down to research and the hope that someone will someday get in touch.

Do you know anything about this GTW?…

Contributions: Marco Das

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