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As you can tell, the title is a working title. Football Game is pretty much self explanatory, and was to be a footy game by Zeppelin Games around 1992 time for the C64, Spectrum and Amstrad platforms.

The title was to be an 8 way scrolling overhead football game with all the usual bits and bobs you’d expect from a footy game from that time. One crucial part of the game was that the football would not stick to your feet, but you would move the player and the ball taps in the direction you wish to turn. Kicking distance was determinable by holding down fire for longer.

The game came to light thanks to Duncan Kershaw, who in 2014, dug out a number of documents relating to previous titles and games he was involved in. This included a design document for the Zeppelin game, but unfortunately Duncan could not recall much more about it. The design document was produced by Zeppelin’s own team of producers and passed onto Reflective Designs to see if they were able to produce it.

It seems that the design went through a few iterations, but was eventually never picked up and was left to gather dust. It is believed that no code was ever actually started on any platform – but we’re prepared to be surprised!

Zeppelin went on to release a number of football games, including Graeme Souness International Soccer – maybe this turned into that game? Do you know any more about this game?

Check out the design doc PDF which we have fully scanned in… football-game design doc

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