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A bit of an interesting entry this time, and a game which had some brief involvement from Jon Hare in his pre-Sensible days doing graphics in various bit parts for games.

Lone Wolf seems to be part of a series based on Role playing books that had a greater release rate on the ZX Spectrum. There were two initial games back in 1984 based on the books that were called “Lone Wolf – Flight from the Dark” and “Lone Wolf – Fire on the Water”. These were both graphic adventure games. But then in 1991, Audiogenic released a tied in game called “Lone Wolf – The Mirror of Death”. Ice Halls of Terror was second part of a series based upon “Lone Wolf” gamebooks that was never published” … http://quattrobit.blogspot.com/2011/11/intervista-alla-sensible-software.html

What is very odd is that the early adventures are deemed as the first two parts of the game – Jon Hare suggested that Lone Wolf In The Ice Halls of Terror was the second part of a series that never saw the light of day on the C64.
Certainly the other Lone Wolf games (Apart from the Audiogenic release) never saw the light of day.

So really we are dealing with two potential GTW’s here, and not just this game. There is a prequel very likely that will need an entry adding at somepoint in the future. However, check out the scan thanks to Peter Weighill for obtaining, which confirms the game and publisher.

Jon later confirmed in 2015 that the game was being developed by LT Software, and featured his first ever piece of full screen artwork. Sadly Jon never met the rest of the team and has no recollection about who they were and how far the development got.

It is believed that LT Software went under before the game could be completed. Do you know anything more?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Jon Hare

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20/04/15 – Details from Jon Hare about the game.

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  1. Interestingly shortly after the original post (on Wednesday, 29 July 2015) here https://archeogaming.blogspot.com/2015/07/update-lone-wolf-and-ice-halls-of.html Joe Dever (the author of the Lone Wolf series of Gamebooks) is cited that “The Ice Halls of Terror did not get published. This was due to the fact that the developer went bankrupt one month before it’s scheduled release! There are no copies of it in existence.”
    If it was only one month to publication, at least a more or less workable prototype should have been done by then (or not?)

  2. Yes. I know more….
    I was involved with graphics and some coding in C64. Working for a company called Timedata in Basildon , uk.
    Alongside Mike Lord and Girdon Tucker…
    Long time ago…

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