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If you hadn’t of guessed from the title, then FootMan is a Pac Man clone which was due for release around 1988/1989, and was a conversion of the Amiga game by Incognito.

Although seeming to get quite far with some lovely presentation and graphics, it was abandoned for reasons currently unknown.

Within the preview are quite a few mazes which load from disk, and there is possibly a level editor tucked away to create your own maps (but I was unable to activate it at the time). It plays well, though it doesn’t offer too much more than the original game to be fair.

Interestingly Adam Gilmore is listed as the musician, though there is no music or sound effects within the game. In HVSC is a tune called “Jingles” dated from 1988 which perhaps was for this game?

Do you know anything more about it?

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