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Channel 8 Software, the company behind this GTW, Toddler Tutor, released a series of educational software in the 1980s, for the C64 and the CGL – Sord M5, which was a Japanese computer similar to the ZX Spectrum. They also released adventure games, distributing games written by Brian Howarth.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that the home computer market was only beginning in earnest at this point, several of the educational games seem to have gone unreleased, including Primary Maths, ‘Gotcha’ Maths, I, Spy for Children and the game discussed in this article, Toddler Tutor. It’s likely that sales simple weren’t strong enough to ensure the release of all the games designed. The games seem fairly simple, designed to help children learn basic arithmetic while having fun.

The game it seems was released in the US by Comm*Data, and can be found on Gamebase:

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Allan Pinkerton

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12/07/15 – Game confirmed as found and released at least in the US.

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