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This was to be a text adventure release in a nice large clam box by Classic Quests around 1986 time. This was something that was done to a few Supersoft games written by Brian Cotton, so we believe that Brian was also the author of this game. It seems some of his adventures were enhanced slightly for release under the Classic Quests label (part of Supersoft), which was the case for Forestland that had a release in 1983 by Supersoft.

This was likely to be an enhanced release of the game, in similar fashion to titles such as Goblin Towers and Witch Hunt.

It was due for release overall on the Commodore PET, 64, 128 and Plus 4, Amstrad CPC, 6127, PCW, PC and IBM PC compatibles. A CPC version seems to have surfaced, which may have been the Classic Games version. It seems no other versions have surfaced, but contributor Strident has done some investigations which show evidence that the Classic Quests versions of Catacombs and Forestland were released on multiple platforms:

So is this just an obscure release waiting to be found? At the very least you can check out the 1983 game for now.

More soon we hope…

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5 Responses to Forestland

    • Just left a message on their page to see if it might be possible to digitally preserve for Gamebase64. Fingers crossed!

      • From the surviving evidence, although a couple of the games definitely got UK releases in Classic Quests form (games like Witch Hunt were reviewed quite widely across various formats in the UK), Australia seems to have been the key market for the full range, through Pactronics. It’s where all the magazine evidence is coming from, as well as anecdotal evidence of ownership. The Catacombs that’s on Mocagh has an Australian registration card. Adventurer Dorothy Millard, who is based in Australia, has written solutions for the C64 versions of a couple of the Classic Quests games.

        The only Classic Quests game that there’s now slim evidence of, is Cornucopia (I’m not sure if you have that one listed on here?) Like several of the other games in the series, Cornucopia has its roots as a Commodore PET game from 1981.

        • Oops… just noticed that C64 isn’t listed as a format for Cornucopia in the Classic Quests booklet… only Commodore PET (and the other non-Commodore computers)!

          A strange decision not to port that one across too, but it explains why it’s not listed in the Pactronics price list alongside the other four Classic Quests for C64; and yet is included in the corresponding PC price list.

          • Thanks Strident – was just about to add a C64 entry, so i’ll leave that for now :)

            I remember seeing the name Dorothy Millard a lot back in the day in the Commodore Force magazine adventure columns.

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