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This was to be a text adventure release in a nice large clam box by Classic Quests around 1986 time. This was something that was done to a few Supersoft games written by Brian Cotton, so we believe that Brian was also the author of this game. It seems some of his adventures were enhanced slightly for release under the Classic Quests label (part of Supersoft), which was the case for Forestland that had a release in 1983 by Supersoft.

This was likely to be an enhanced release of the game, in similar fashion to titles such as Goblin Towers and Witch Hunt.

It was due for release overall on the Commodore PET, 64, 128 and Plus 4, Amstrad CPC, 6127, PCW, PC and IBM PC compatibles. A CPC version seems to have surfaced, which may have been the Classic Games version.

So is this just an obscure release waiting to be found? At the very least you can check out the 1983 game for now.

More soon we hope…

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