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Not to be confused with The Catacombs by Anirog that was released a few years earlier, this was to be a text adventure release in a nice large clam box by Classic Quests around 1986 time.

This was something that was done to a few Supersoft games written by Brian Cotton, so we believe that Brian was also the author of this game. It seems some of his adventures were enhanced slightly for release under the Classic Quests label (part of Supersoft), though this one doesn’t seem to have surfaced before under Supersoft.

The catalogue entry details the game as follows:

The old Gothic church, so the locals say, used to have a veritable labyrinth of passages beneath it, but the whereabouts of the entrance to the passages has long since been forgotten. The church itself has fallen into disuse for a variety of reasons, the main one being the sinister aura that surrounds one of the large tombs in the church graveyard. The church’s treasures have long since disappeared without a trace.

An ancient local legend, all but forgotten now, tells of a vast underground land inhabited by weird monsters guarding wonderful treasures. Could there be any connection between this legend and the lost treasures? By the way, if you do find any treasure, take it back to the church, and lay it on the altar – after all, it doesn’t belong to you!

CATACOMBS is a large and complex adventure which is definitely not for beginners. Many of the puzzles to be solved are unusual, with ingenious solutions, and will stretch your imagination to its limits.

It was due for release overall on the Commodore PET, 64, 128 and Plus 4, Amstrad CPC, 6127, PCW, PC and IBM PC compatibles. It seems no other versions have surfaced.

Was it completed or released in any way? Or was it cancelled early on?

More soon we hope…

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