Get Dexter


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"Get Dexter" or "Crafton & Xunk" was an isometric 3D game popular on the Amstrad, published by Infogrames. According to the White Wizard’s review of Mandragore (a role-playing game by Infogrames) on page 70 of issue 16 of Zzap 64, "one of the first big French hits to sell over here (apart from Get Dexter – which is soon to be converted to the Commodore by the programmers of Fairlight – on the Amstrad)"

Already from this we have two clues that either Infogrames were developing it, or The Edge were. Gamebase lists Fairlight’s C64 converter as Trevor Inns, but Trevor confirms that he had no involvement on the conversion at all. The Amstrad coder for Fairlight is listed as the same as the Spectrum developer – Bo Jangeborg. So did Bo attempt a bit of C64 coding?

It’s early days, we need to find out who exactly was behind the conversion before we can find out any more!

Do you know anything about this conversion?…

Contributions: Trevor Inns

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