Go Karts

Ze Smasher

Status: No Download, Findability: 0/5

Go Karts was a game that sadly was never going to happen.

Coder Ze Smasher had created 4 disksides of a game – but only with mostly graphics and only about 1% coding for a title screen. No code was ever started, though some unfinished backgrounds do exist.

This was a title started way back in 1991, with the aim of giving the game to Magic Disk to publish. The idea of the game was to have some tracks with a top down view, close to BMX Simulator by Codemasters – but with 2 go karts instead of bicycles.

Sadly the game never progressed past the title screen. We hope to show a digital version of this sometime soon, along with hopefully some previous unheard Guy Shavitt tunes perhaps? Well, Ze Smasher confirms the tunes will be used in an intro in the near future!

Watch this space!


Contributions: Jazzcat

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