Black Shadow


Status: No Download, Findability: 0/5

Black Shadow was to be a vertical scrolling shoot em up in the vein of Xevious and Xenon.

It was released on the Amiga and ST with mixed reviews, and was mentioned in TGM as being imminent. You can see the Amiga version here:

The amiga vesrion was coded by Jules Bert, with graphics by Jon Law. It seemed there was no conversion for the C64 on Black Shadow. CRL head honcho Clem Chambers wrote to us to explain that although the magazine did indeed say a C64 port was being made, this was often said to magazines in the gap between production of the original and it’s release, giving the company time to find someone to actually do a port. In the case of Black Shadow, nobody was found and as such no port was made or started.

Well, Rob Whitaker says otherwise and confirms that Warren Mills was working on a conversion. Warren spoke to GTW and tells us that the game was being developed with a couple of old friends Paul and Phil Harris for CRL. This game didnt get very far though, with just a ship flying over a landscape and a few aliens but that was about it.

We have asked Warren if by chance he still has any of his old work, but its highly unlikely. This could sadly be lost to time…

Can it be found?…

Contributions: Clem Chambers, Rob Whitaker, Warren Mills

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