Great Giana Sisters 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Even though fans of Giana Sisters (The banned Mario clone) were treated to an official sequel in the way of "Hard n Heavy", an unofficial sequel was planned back in 1994.

This sequel was planned by none other than Cyance, otherwise known on the demo scene as Reflex. These guys as you may remember, produced the groundbreaking "Mathematica" demo and also under Cyance, produced the cool "Centric" tron game.

It is not quite known the exact plans of the sequel from the German crew, but it was never really heavily publicised on the scene.

All that currently remains at the moment are the game tunes by PVCF, which are sampled based covers of the original tunes, along with some neat sampled SFX.

Certainly from listening to the tunes, and observing Cyance’s previous "Centric" game, Giana 2 could have possibly been something special.

Details from the developers have sifted through to GTW, and the game was never released or finished due to some copyright constraints. The game never got past the alpha phase, where it was playable but lacked all the levels and features.

Sadly the game could well be lost, as the developers have apparently not got the game any longer, which is a huge shame. Quiss looked through all of his disks and confirmed he could not find anything, PVCF also had nothing sadly. Maybe someone got hold of a copy, someone else in Reflex we don’t know. But it looks like only the music ever survived this gaming tragedy.

Check out Creator speaks to hear more.

Case closed we’re afraid…

Contributions: Jazzcat, Reflex, Quiss, PVCF

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Reflex speak about work on Giana 2...

"Quiss and I have made a giana sister 2 game, back in 1994, it should be released under our own game label cyance, due to some "minor" ;) copyright issues we couldn't release the game, the game also didn't go ahead of the alpha status. (playable but not all levels & features are finished).

Giana Sisters from Manfred also have had big copyright issus, Nintendo have had forbidden the sale of it (plagiat of mario brothers). So we (quiss&pvcf) really (!) do not own a single copy of the game, we also didnt have any screenshots, (11 years ago... and we forced Centric for Cyance & Geometric 2 and Nova 2 for APS to get to be finished and also worked on some trackmos in reflex, thats the cause we didnt have spend time in saving or backuping the unfinished game Giana Sisters 2 .

I've been asked since 4 years in a regular, yearly cycle for the game, please, if you have connections to the rumor corners, let them know the facts ;)"


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