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After the popular Lucasfilm series of Maniac Mansion and Zak Mackracken came the game Habitat, whch existed in cyberspace.

It was a multi-player game to be used in conjunction with the local and Quantumlink phone number. The game would have allowed almost all users to create new objects and locations, these could then be used/stolen/destroyed by other users.  The graphics were much similar to Labyrinth and Maniac Mansion.

The game had various shots scattered in magazines, some of which are present on this website.  Recently a contributor emailed us with the following information:

“This site has some pictures of Habitat as well as a scan of the Habitat manual(!): http://www.dsgames.net/qlink /habitat/pictures1.htm

You might want to ask the webmaster if they still have the disk for it! Although it couldn’t be used without the server, it would still be worth preserving for history’s sake. I was a beta tester, too, but unfortunately all my Commodore disks are long gone. 🙁 I’d love to dive into the Habitat code and see how it worked.

Unfortunately, the very ambitious Habitat beta was later replaced with a very slimmed-down and more limited for-pay system called Club Caribe, available through Quantum Link, an online service for Commodore 64/128 users. Club Caribe had improved graphics and added facial expressions, but it was a very small world with far fewer features and possibilities.

If you want to see Club Caribe: http://www.dsgames.net/qlink /caribe/pictures1.htm

Wikipedia also provides some information about Habitat’s history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki /Habitat_(video_game)
Or if you want to read more about Habitat from the people who created it: http://www.fudco.com/chip /lessons.html

Charles Haley emailed a scan of a competition involved with Q-Link and related to Habitat. And also part of an article which can be grabbed here.

Then finally in July 2016, all of the source code for Habitat was fully preserved… https://themade.org/posts/1701 … So it is hoped that some day soon, we could actually see the game running once more!

Here is also a video from a Lucasarts advert showing the game running…

A huge game ahead of its time in terms of multiplayer…

Contributions: Martin/Stadium64, Jogge, Tobias Hultman, Mike, Dumbflag, Brendan Phoenix, Michael, Charels Haley, Randy Farmer, Nemo, Joe Fiat

12 Responses to Habitat

  1. Habitat served as inspiration for the imaginary C64-based virtual community in the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire”: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063135/welcome-to-1986-inside-halt-and-catch-fires-high-tech-time-machine (I suggest you to watch it if you didn’t yet).

  2. Joe fiat says:

    All local phone calls in the US and Canada were/are free on a landline. Every major city had a local (free) Quantumlink phone number. So the calls were free on your phone bill. Habitat was not for BBS’, it was for QLink.

    • fgasking says:

      Many thanks Joe – this write up needs a major overhaul at somepoint, but i’ve made those corrections. Many thanks!

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