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More from Apex, in the form now of H20…. a follow on from Destruction Bros which was cancelled. H20 was to be a far less violent game, swapping weapons for water pistols (see screenshot).

The aim was to extinguish hundreds of fires, but this is all we currently know. All we do know is that the game was heavily based on Destruction Bros, so would have most likely had most of the scrolling styles from that game used in this game.

However, the game idea became stale quickly for the Apex guys and apparently it wasn’t practical as first thought. Apex said the following about the game in the Mayhem diaries… "After the Destruction Bros were rubbed off the drawing board we opted for a slightly less violent games scenario. The main character
in the game was based heavily on the Destruction Bros characters but without the fire power. This time he had a big water pistol (honestly!) and he used it to extinguish hundreds of fires. The main reason for scrapping this design was that after the freshness of the idea had worn off, the game wasn’t as practical as was first thought."

Chances of finding anything of the game are remote, though it probably all exists still on disks. These disks are all packed away according to Andy Roberts, and may not be dug out for some time. We hope one day we can show you more, but for now its game over for H20.

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Mort

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