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Thanks to Witold Bryndza for the heads up for our next entry, which was to be a stylish Hangman game produced for Eagleware International in 1995 by Faith Design

The game was to feature some very polished intros and graphics throughout to give the ultimate game of hangman on the C64 (trouncing no doubt the version that came with the Introduction to Basic pack!)

Unfortunately for reasons as yet unknown, the game was never completely finished off – with only a preview surfacing of the game in its early’ish stages.

Recently, the game’s author Marcin Guzik had put up a YouTube video showing the game with some more advanced intros and screens.

Is it possible that we may get to see these later versions of the game? For now, check out the preview and soon we hope to find out more about the plans for the game and what happened to it.

In 2020, Marcin mentioned that the intro was finished and published on CSDB. This has now been added to the site.

Contributions: Witold Bryndza

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07/01/20 – Added intro from CSDB

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