Microprose Soccer V1


Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

Just a quick entry to add an early version of Microprose Soccer before it was released.

What is so different you ask?…. Well, not a great deal in the actual game (apart from slight differences in the replay and other minute tweaks/glitches), but the menu system is completely different compared to the final game.

Actually, the menus are the same as what were published in the Commodore User preview pages, with a funny slanted effect in some parts.

But an additional bonus is that one of the early previews includes a previously unheard Martin Galway tune. And there was more tucked away too! Thanks to the efforts of Inge Pedersen and Ian Coog, we are pleased to add a SID file containing all the extracted tunes – which includes 3 tunes that were previously unheard.

Thanks to Jon Hare for giving us permission to upload! And thanks also to Adam Morton for the single file fix to the game (due to inconsistencies with the loader).

Case closed!

Contributions: Jon Hare, Adam Morton, Ian Coog, Inge Pedersen

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Update history

23/02/14 – Added SID tune download.

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    • Hi Ross – that one did actually make it as well. It was part of a Power Play cartridge pack released along with Pro Tennis Simulator and Pro Skateboard Simulator.

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