Device for Alien Destruction

Dynamic Developments

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Also known as: D.A.D

Device for Alien Destruction (D.A.D) was to be a game produced by a company called Dynamic Developments back in the late 80’s. Dynamic Developments were the same team who were looking to publish Bobby Bounce Back, but went under before it could be released. We believe Dynamic Developments had Richard (Players) Jones involved too

It seems that sadly the same fate befell D.A.D.

We got to know about the game thanks to Mark Wilson, who was asked to produce music for the game by the head of Dynamic Developments – Stuart Robb. He produced a series of tunes which featured cool samples.

There was no recollection about what the game was about – so this may require some further digging to get the full details. Was it a standard SEU type affair?

In the meantime, as part of Mark sifting through his work disks – he discovered the tunes he produced, and has kindly allowed GTW to release them here. Ian Coog also provided a rip of the tunes in SID format, which you can also download.

Now the hunt begins for those involved in the development of the game itself. Is this something you can help us with?

Contributions: Mark Wilson, Ian Coog

Supporting content

Available downloads

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