High Memory


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

High Memory is another puzzler which was being developed in the height of the puzzle game flood of the early 90’s
(Or at least it seemed like just that to me at the time! :) )

The game is basically a memory game which according to the
creator… “makes you crazy because of exchanging the cards
after a false try.. a typical YON game idea…”

I’m personally not too sure exactly what the game is, and after some playing couldn’t quite figure it out. Ok, it was only a few minutes of play, but sadly my games playing time is not much as it used to be!… Maybe you can enlighten me? :)

The game looks and sounds very good however, and it seems strange that the game wasn’t completed. Puzzlers generally
take less time than your average platformer, and this one looks
almost complete.Recollecting about the game, the developers said.. “I had no clue about this, I guess we finished it together in some hours and then forgot about it…”.

The game seems to have been completed and released, but not by any particular publisher? Do you know more about this?

The full game can be found here: http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=3534&d=18&h=0

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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23/03/15 – Gaz Spence confirms the full release on Gamebase 64

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3 Responses to High Memory

  1. Typed the German instructions into Google Translate and got roughly the following:

    “Try to remember the colour and position of the stones.

    If the pair is right, points are awarded. If not, both stones are swapped and your ‘try’ is lost!

    0 ‘tries’ = game over

    Have fun!”

    So basically you spend the first few seconds looking at the board, trying to remember where each colour is, then yourself and player 2 play the standard memory card game, except you lose a turn when you get it wrong, and the computer then swaps the colours around to make it harder for you.

    Not a good game, and it’s made worse by regularly crashing.

  2. Hi Frank, a full version of this game did make it out but I don’t think it was picked up by a publisher. The full version is on CSDB.

    • Thanks yet again Gaz! Updated the page and linked the released game. Hopefully someone will come forward and let us know what the intentions were for the game.

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