High Steel

Screen 7

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This is what sounds like your bog standard platformer from a company which didn’t quite make the impact it may have wanted on various formats, with one of its biggest titles being the average "Jaws" licence.

Screen 7 promoted this simple platformer with a builder in a few magazines, including CVG for various formats. However, the following issue had the C64 version removed from the advert, and so that was it.

The game itself was hyped by its own company, with the following description featuring in the advert…

"This is no time to feel dizzy. As you balance precariously on a narrow steel girder, hundreds of feet above the hard concrete below, a head for heights is a must. There’s a skyscraper to be built, and the Splitters, Crawlers and metal munching Gremlins are in hot pursuit. You step over the slippery remains of your workmates’ lunch, hurl your spanner at a menacing shadow, and curse the day you become a high steel worker.

The sixth floor is complete. The huge crane delivers the next girder, just as a brick smashes into your hard hat. Things might not be so bad if you could just find your sandwiches.

Can you overcome all obstacles and dangers confronting you to tower above the city streets below, or will you end up splatting the pavement like raspberry jam?

Almost unheard of! A completely original arcade game that will keep you hooked to your computer for hour upon hour of frantic high altitude addictive fun.

Terrific graphics, sampled sound and a great sense of humour make HIGH STEEL one of the best new games in ages.


Well, we may never know… the Spectrum and Amstrad versions made it, but why not the C64 version?

Screen 7 could well have had problems with its developers, so the C64 version may have been scrapped/delayed.

We don’t know much else about the game apart from the above. A lot more information is needed, including details of the developers of this game. Can we find anything more out?…

What happened to this conversion?…

Contributions: LeeT, Ritchie Lamond

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