Electric Dreams

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Never to be released, Hijack was a side-on strategy game to be released by Electric Dreams (A division of Activision). This was an interesting game which did fairly well, and was recieved on the Amstrad and Spectrum platforms.

However, the planned C64 conversion was never to surface for reasons unknown today.

A review in Powerplay magazine in Germany confirms that a C64 version was done – with the magazine mentioning C64 under the list of platforms. So just what did happen to the C64 conversion, was it finished?

This entry is particularly interesting as the gamewas mentioned in “Illegal” pirate fanzine as something seen at PC 1988 show (or so it seems) by SSD of Cosmos.

We are lacking a lot of information so far on this game and could do with some new findings – Do you know any more about this game?

What happened to this conversion?…

Contributions: Cybergoth, Ross Sillifant

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26/04/14 – Advert scan added from Zzap 64.

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