Highway Blaster


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Highway Blaster was to be a new title from Italian label Genias for 1992.

The game was mentioned in “C+VG Annuario 1992”, an addon to “C+VG” issue 11, December 1991…
http://ready64.org/articoli /leggi/idart/30/-rivista -panorama-del-software-ludico -nazionale

Stefan Roda, software manager in Genias, taked about two WIP titles which included "Highway Blaster". The game was heavily inspired by the coin-op “Road Blaster” – hence the name I guess!

Not much more is known about the game apart from this, but we assume that Genias went under or left the C64 market and as a result this game never managed to see the light of day. Who were the programmers?, were they behind previous Genias titles?

Well, we got hold of Stefan Roda, who sadly confirmed that nothing of the game was started. He left Genias shortly after the interview and the company went under, and so did the game. It seems that this really was it… vapourware.

Case closed…

Contributions: Luca/Fire, Stefan Roda

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