Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers

Hi-Tec Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a title which has been revealed as in production by Craig Wight in the early 90’s.

The game was penned for Hi-Tec software, and it is very likely that it got caught up in the company going under, as the title later surfaced on the Amiga platform under the Alternative Software label.

Craig confirmed that the game only got as far as the main character wandering around and the scroller part, but that was it.

Craig recalled that he was working on it whilst the Freddie Mercury tribute concert was on TV, which dates production around April 1992. Hi-Tec were still going well at this point, and it wasn’t until August/September of that year when they hit troubles.

It is possible therefore that Craig was pulled onto other productions or he lost interest. Unfortunately he cannot recall why the game was canned.

Unfortunately Craig has confirmed that he no longer has any of his old work disks, so the chances of finding anything of this short but sweet conversion is very unlikely.

Do you know anything more about it?

Contributions: Craig Wight

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4 Responses to Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers

    • I actually had them (the sprites) until fairly recently. My old HD died and took a lot of C64 stuff with it.

      • That’s a shame Alan – hope the C64 disks surface again sometime with something on, though I think I recall you saying you got rid of them a while ago?

      • Did you toss the drive? Failed HDD data can be recovered in the right hands and with the right tools.

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