Industria 14

Virgin Mastertronic

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very quick entry for a title we know very little about.

The first we heard about Industria 14 was via Martin Holland, who said that he did the game for we believe Software Creations back around 1990. It is believed to have been one of the Light Gun games done for the Virgin Mastertronic pack that never made it.

From the sounds of it, it was a space related light gun game – however, no-one from that time has heard of the game before, so at present we have very little to go on.

Of course, Martin Holland sadly passed away in 2003 before we could get chance to ask him more about the game and no doubt would have had all his graphics from that time.

It’s early days, but we hope to find something of the game – if anything in the hope of finding some of Martin’s long lost artwork.

Do you know any more about this game?

Contributions: Martin Holland

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