Jet Boat Simulator


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A short entry for a title which was revealed in a interview with Grant Harrison in 2015.

When asked about any titles worked on that never quite made it, Grant named Jet Boat Simulator, which was a sequel of sorts to Beach Buggy Simulator. Basically the same game, but just set on water – and no doubt a quick budget release to keep the money ticking over.

But as Gaz Spence (more awake than myself!) has found, isn’t this the same game as Turbo Boat Simulator? …

Seems like the same style, so could well be and Grant has forgot!

Contributions:, Gaz Spence

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2 Responses to Jet Boat Simulator

  1. Hi Frank, could this not just be Turbo Boat Simulator that was released by Silverbird. It would seem strange for a label to be releasing two games with virtually the same title.

    • Ah of course, I can’t believe I missed that! Thanks Gaz, updating now – this has to be the game he’s referring to.

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