Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Another puzzler, and another game which I can’t make head or tail about. Fair graphics, but sadly I can’t find the playability.

Thanks to contributor Csaba Virag, we learn that the game was created by the Hungarian group Chimera, with code and graphics by Balázs Vilhelm (who also created Zaxon), with music by Chopter.

The music was apparently just placeholder, with final music due to have been created by Griff/Chromance.

It is confirmed that the game was never finished, and a preview (this one) was sent to Mr Wax of Chromance, but just published it under the label of Gulas (a fake label of Chromance).

Balázs confirms that he programmed the game and drew all the graphics, the music was the work of the team’s musician Chopter/Chimera. It never got any further than this.

The coder confirmed to Csaba that he lost his disks when moving home, so there is almost zero chance now of ever finding a more complete version.

Case closed!

Contributions: Csaba Virag, Balázs Vilhelm

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Update history

  • 08/08/22 – Coder details added.
  • 05/08/22 – Credits and details added about the game thanks to Csaba Virag.
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