Joe Blade 3


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

More of the same from Players, with the 3rd and final game in the series. The game got a release on the Spectrum and Amstrad, and got good grades to end things. The C64 version was mentioned within another Player’s game inlay and mentioned that it was coming soon.

Months past after the Spectrum and Amstrad releases, but no C64 version ever made it. Why?.. We are not sure.

For now we are assuming that the same author of the sequel on the C64 would have maybe done number 3 too. We need confirmation though. It could be another developer was assigned, but couldn’t get it finished for various reasons.

A lot more research needed, but could we find something like we did with Fungus 2?

Thanks to contributors, we have learnt that the Spectrum edition of the game did include loading instructions for the C64 edition. So it is seeming more and more likely that a C64 version is out there somewhere. And in late November 2019, Fabrizio Bartoloni dug out details of the developers from the Amstrad inlay, so we now know who was doing the conversion!

We managed to get in touch with the artist, who sadly has nothing of the game – but they confirmed that they had completed all their graphic work and handed everything over to Kevin Parker. They were surprised to learn that the game was never released.

We are now awaiting a response from Kevin to see if he may have something of the game. Watch this space!

Contributions: Marco 'Exile' Das, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Asophdel, Andy Severn

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Update history

  • 16/07/20 – Added scan thanks to Marco ‘Exile’ Das
  • 17/12/19 – Solved developer names and made initial progress, thanks to Asphodel.
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  1. World of Spectrum had an entry for a missing Joe Blade IV. But why we never got 3 I don’t know, not exactly a technically difficult job even on the Speccy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Joe Blade I and II but I’m just saying, a few weeks work at tops. Especially if it had been someone who wrote one of the conversions already and could re-use most of it.

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