Joan Of Arc: Siege And The Sword

Rainbow Arts

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Joan of Arc was a 2D strategy based game which was eventually released in 1989 on the Amiga and ST. However, it seems that a C64 version was on the cards with this following snippet of news mentioned in The Games Machine 10/88

“Watch out for a bigger preview next month of Rainbow Art’s epic arcade adventure quest, Joan of Art. The Dussledorf-based company have already given us Great Giana Sisters, but style although it boasts the same polished gameplay. Takingthe form of a film (somewhat like Defneder of the Crown et al), the game is for 16-bit first, with a Commodore 64/128 version expected. Stay tuned!”

Unfortunately as you can guess, nothing ever surfaced, so the question is whether the game ever got to any stage of converting at all, or if things were scrapped early on before anything was started. Rainbow Arts continued to produce games for the C64 up until 1991, so there is a good chance that this was started. And its a game i’m sure would have converted over just fine.

However, we are uncertain who would have been behind the conversion, so it is very much early days for this entry. A reference in does suggest that the game was going to be released on the C64, and that Eric Chahi was involved – but its unlikely. Or maybe not?

Do you know anything about this conversion?…

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19/01/16 – Possible credit of Eric Chahi, but unlikely.

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  1. Trouble with The Games Machine, fantastic a magazine as it was, it sometimes just assumed a little TOO much, ie claiming John Croudy was busy working on A8 Druid “:Enlightenment, when in fact he never even looked at converting it, so i’d personally take this one as them just ‘assuming’ a version was to follow, after all, Defender Of The Crown had converted very well to the C64, so they ‘assumed’ same could be done here…

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