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Disney’s animated film of the Rudyard Kipling Jungle Book stories was a big hit, In 1985, magazine news articles promised a series of games based on the Jungle Book characters.

Other titles discussed in the same news piece were The Black Cauldron (see separate review) and Return to Oz, as well as the educational titles featuring Mickey, Goofy and Donald.

However, nothing more is currently known of what happened to the Jungle Book games. CRASH issue 18 mentions that the games were being developed by Ocean and U.S. Gold, but it is more likely that they would have been the publishers rather than the developers.

It would be turned into a console game years later, under license to Virgin.

A separate educational game known as Jungle Book Reading was released on the C64 by Spinnaker Software.

GTW’s Fabrizio suggested that Al Lowe may know more, and after some quick questioning, Al had the following to say (Sadly no leads)…

"Since Sierra never made an AGI engine that could fit on the C64, I doubt there were firm plans. But, on occasion they hired another company to just start from scratch and create whatever they could, using our games as the basis. (I know there wasa King’s Quest game done for the Nintendo like that. There may have been a version for the C64, too.)"

So no developments there… and the hunt goes on…

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