Jupple Dust

Construction Computer Players

Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

Thanks to Jazzcat for the heads up about this game, which was shown recently on the developer’s website.

The idea of the game was to get all of the fruit on the level, but whilst not opening the cage with the monster. The cage could not be opened though, as it was never finished (and for reasons we do not yet know). We assume it would have been published by someone like 64’er.

The game had about 20 levels completed, a level editor and two players- but was missing gameplay elements to fully round it off.

The game was fixed up and released by Laxity in late 2016, so go and check it out now from the downloads!

An interesting looking title that never quite made it

Contributions: Jazzcat, Goat/Laxity

Supporting content

Available downloads

Update history

01/12/16 – Added download

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