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Also known as: Freddy Hardest 2

A quick new entry for what Freddy Hardest 2 should have been originally, in the form of “Katia” by Iron Byte, a Uruguayan development team.

The Freddy Hardest 2 game (known to many as Guardian Angel from Codemasters) originally featured a female protagonist, but was switched over to a Freddy Hardest sequel to meet the request of Dinamic, who Iron Byte were working closely with.

It begs the question as to whether anything still exists of the original game with the original character, and if maybe there was more content that was cut when turned into the Freddy Hardest game.

It was confirmed that only a Spectrum version was developed, and a C64 version was never started.

Case closed!

Contributions: Nemo, Pablo

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4 Responses to Katia

  1. Katia was developed only for the speccy, it was as Freddy but harder and with a female protagonist. Iron Byte had this game finished before contacting Dinamic, so Emilio contributed just with the name of the game. The scenery was inspired by the port of Montevideo.

  2. “While at it, Emilio Salgueiro also started working in the development of a sequel for Freddy Hardest, using a Commodore Amiga. In fact, he thought of releasing the game only for 16-bit computers. However, since he wasn’t able to get enough spare time to finish its development, he finally sent everything he had worked in to Dinamic. The result was “Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan”, developed by Iron Byte and released as “Guardian Angel” in UK, which had very little things in common with the original game, except for the scenery, which reminds a lot to the harbour of Cadiz, a town which Emilio was sentimentally linked to. ”

    Some more background info on the development of Freddy Hardest 2(and Katia)
    Source : http://www.worldofspectrum.org/tribute/en/SalgueiroTorradoEmilioPablo.html

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