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Yet another Codemasters title that never was. This time, Codemasters put out an advert in a magazine – giving rates for conversions of their titles to other platforms.

Transmuter was listed, with a £2500 bounty to convert from the Spectrum to the C64. Other titles listed were Pro Snooker Simulator, Ghost Hunters and Grand Prix Simulator.

We are guessing that someone must have taken on the project – but who was it, and what happened to it? The game itself was relatively simple and wouldn’t have been too complicated to convert. Maybe sales were bad that they decided to can it?

The game was also later converted to the Atari – so its likely something could be out there still.

Very early days. Do you know more?

Contributions: Avram Dumitrescu

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  1. Yes there was a Atari 8bit version by Maureen Copeland (Chris Copeland’s sister) according to

    And yes Atari 8 bits and C64 shared the same CPU -6502.

    But in Atari run almost at ~180% frequency @ 1.77 MHz (PAL)1.79 MHz (NTSC) Vs C64 0.985 MHz (PAL)@ 1.023 MHz (NTSC) so direct porting Transmuter a game that already looks a bit slow and chunky in Atari 8bit considering also its a shoot ’em up is nt that
    promising ……

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