Buggy Ranger


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A quick entry for a title by Uruguayan development group Iron Byte, called Buggy Ranger.

The game was released by Dinamic on the likes of the Amstrad CPC, Spectrum and MSX and was a sort of ATV clone with very large buggies in a desolate city scape. It was ok as a game, but nothing too special overall.

The C64 version wasn’t advertised in the adverts, but the Spanish instructions included Commodore 64 loading instructions. So did anything exist? Or was the addition a mistake by the company at the time? Interestingly, cartridge instructions are also listed – so if it did exist, it would have been a GS title as well!

It was confirmed by Pablo Ruiz that no C64 version was started due to a lack of interest. So it is very much a …

… Case closed!

Contributions: Nemo, Pablo Ruiz

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