Krypton Factor


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Another rather odd licence which has been dug up – Mentioned in Computer Gamer (October 1985), this was listed along with the announcements of Knightrider, Streethawk and Rambo. Now this particular licence never came through in the end, but Domark did however get a licence sorted and released a year or so after the Ocean announcement.

It has to be said that the Ocean announcement was very low key, and its only in the Computer Gamer news item where we have ever seen the mention.

It seems likely that the licence deal never came through for Ocean, and Domark later snapped it up… or Domark had already secured the rights (Like Elite had done with Airwolf). A bit later Ocean did release "Its a Knockout" (It seems as a replacement for the Krypton Factor licence), which asks the question whether if Ocean had got the Kypton Factor licence, would the same developers have done this instead? (Maybe elements of It’s a Knockout pre-existed in a Krypton Factor prototype?).

We don’t know much more… but we hope to find out more. We’ll question a few people including the developers of It’s a Knockout to see if they know anything.

Does this ring any bells?…

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