Kung Fu Warriors

Beyond Belief

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another Beyond Belief game which was planned and mentioned in the interview with Jim Scott.

Information is a bit scarce, as all we currently know is that the game was to be a horizontally scrolling game which was based on Kung Fu Master. Funny how the name is very similiar to that of Kung Fu Master… hmmm.

Well, it has been found that the game almost made it to release on the Spectrum, getting fully reviewed (Page 1 / Page 2)- but getting a rather poor 30% grade. It was found more to be a bad Dragon Ninja clone rather than Kung Fu Master.

Nothing though of the C64 conversion sadly.

Contact has been made with Jim Scott, but sadly we have not heard anything back just yet. Hopefully soon we will hear back and find some information based on this game and the others.

So for now we have no credits for the game, so hopefully someone will step forward for it.

More research needed…

Supporting content

Available downloads

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