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04/11/17 – Scans added thanks to Peter Weighill

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Thanks to contributor Asphodel for flagging up that a C64 version of Apple classic Kukulcan was seemingly produced, thanks to this entry on a museum website:


Unsure if this was a mistake, we contacted the original author Michael Giltzow to ask if he ever started a version or might know more.   He didn’t develop a version himself, but very kindly checked his archives and found that American Eagle’s advertising indicated that a Commodore 64 version did exist.

Michael didn’t know who wrote it and has never seen a copy unfortunately.   He tells us that Mr Savatini who owned the company, did have programmers contracted to convert the code that Michael had written.   However, we are not sure if this was ever done or not.

Thanks to Peter Weighill, a number of scans have been added.

Could anything exist out there?   Is it even complete?    Early days overall for this conversion, but confirmation that it was indeed started!

Contributions: Michael Giltzow, Asphodel, Peter Weighill

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