Kung Fury: Street Rage


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Thanks to NM156 for the heads up. Kung Fury was a comedy short film with lots of references to 80’s martial arts had a game adaptation in the works called Kung Fury: Street Rage

Apparently a limited release on the C64 with 200 copies on cassette was going to be sold. Was it a joke?

According to rumours, an actual game was finished – but for reasons unknown, it was never to be released. It was meant to just be a token game, not a full blown Double Dragon clone for instance. Was it a mastering problem that prevented the release?

It’s been suggested that the game has been seen in development, so its possible that a C64 scener was approached to do a quick game. You could walk left and right on a static screen and punch incoming enemies – a very simplistic game.

We know little else at the moment, but hope to find out more soon!

Contributions: NM156

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