Lemmings Demo

Juned Wahab

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

If you don’t know about Lemmings, then you haven’t lived. Released on every machine under the sun and now enjoying a revival as exclusives on Sony’s PSP (curses) and Playstation2 (due to Sony owning Psygnosis (drat, drat and triple drat – I’d gladly pay good money for a Nintendo DS version)), this very popular and addictive game sees you trying to save the suicidal rodents from certain death. A favourite to lots of people (especially me – people who know me know that Lemmings is my 2nd favourite game)

I expect lots of people to say "But Lemmings came out on the C64 (although eventually)!" and I’d even say it myself as my old computer collection included this very game (on various formats).

Anyhow, Juned (who was the author of Koshimo) coded a one screen demo based on Lemmings in order to try and win the contract to code the game for the C64 from Psygnosis. Sadly, he didn’t get the contract but E & E Software did instead (although it was well done). However, his version used characters for a Lemming which looked dodgy – as many people know, sprites couldn’t be used due to limitations.

It is interesting to hear of another Lemmings related program for the C64 but like Carl Muller with his attempt at converting Pang, it’s very interesting to hear of someone else making a bid to code the game. One can only speculate on how Juned’s version would have been like but any game of Lemmings is worth playing in my opinion.

(I find it embarrassing to say that my 8 year old daughter can thrash EVERY level on Lemmings on the Amiga while her old man struggles on many levels! (she even thrashes me on the two player mode!))

Can remains of this be ever found?…

Contributions: WEC

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