Lemmings V1


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Yet another Lemmings conversion for the C64, but this time an official conversion which surprisingly was almost done by DMA Designs themselves!

During the development of Lemmings, Mike Dailly who worked as part of DMA at the time got working on a very simple demo which contained a Lemming walking over a background, like with the original PC demo which was created. This was a test really to see if he could successfully convert the Amiga game to the C64.

Just before anything playable could be made, Mike was pulled off from the project to work on something else – likely to be on the 16-bit platform as they moved away from 8-bits.

Nothing else was done on the conversion, and DMA never came back to it. So an official DMA conversion was never to be.

We hope that maybe Mike will still have something of the original demo which he created for DMA, so we can show a very brief glimpse of what could have been. For now we should enjoy the fine conversion which did get released!

Can remains of this be ever found?…

Contributions: 7_Zark_7

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