Lemmings V1


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5


Information has been a little bit vague on this game. It’s been uncertain if this were meant as a joke, or in fact a real Lemmings preview.

All there is, is a simple attempt at copying the main game’s introduction sequence. There is no playable version of the game, although the preview tries to load another file which is currently missing.

C64 musician Lars Hutzelmann (The Blue Ninja) got in touch to say that this was in fact intended to be a proper conversion, which André Bürger (Smash designs developer who did games such as Turrican 3 and Crush) was doing to try and get the gig with Psygnosis back in the day.

He had asked Lars to produce some tunes, which Lars did (although not covers from the original Amiga music). Lars never saw any code, but was told that there was a working prototype in existence with sufficient Lemmings running on the screen. The project was cancelled when another team was found to be working on the conversion.

Recently in August 2020, we found a preview showing the development (no in game screenshot though!) in Zzap Italia! This has been found and recovered by Marcin “Tenchi” Świętoniewski, who contacted GTW64 in September 2022. The preview has the extra picture, but also credits for the development afterwards.

Marcin recalled seeing the intro on a pirated Lemmings tape that had a mish mash of around 21 random stages out of order. It started with the original game intro, then ended with the V1 preview that we can see here.

Whilst Marcin was trying to locate all the previews of Lemmings to add to his collection, he wasn’t able to find the AEG one and then stumbled across our page here. After two days of searching and checking almost a thousand files, he eventually found the preview! So its with great thanks to Marcin for his incredible searching work that this complete version can be added to the archives!

Hopefully we’ll hear more from André soon about the conversion and if anything still may exist.

Contributions: Lars Hutzelmann, Marcin "Tenchi" Świętoniewski

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Update history

  • 15/10/22 – More complete preview added thanks to Marcin “Tenchi” Świętoniewski
  • 25/08/20 – Addition of new screen and page from Zzap Italia.
  • 13/04/20 – Confirmation details about conversion.

2 Responses to Lemmings V1

  1. As far as I remember Andre Bürger asked me some time before that demo came out to compose some music for his lemmings conversion. I composed two tunes for it that weren’t covers of the original Amiga music but pimped up versions of traditional songs: oh susanna and jingle bells.
    I never saw any code of the actual game but he told me he had a working prototype with sufficient Lemmings running on screen. When he found out that another team was working on a conversion of the game as well and much closer to an official port the project was cancelled.

    • Thanks Lars! So this is Andre’s demo that he did originally?

      The demo on the site seems to be missing a second file/part. Would be great if Andre still had something.

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