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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

This game features the adventures of Leroy, a Lego character in a lego based world.

The graphics are very cartoony, and very faithful to lego (No.. not blocky before you say!). Levels are portrayed over a horizontal push scroll landscape.

The game features some early Rob Hubbard music, and plays fairly well, though i’m not sure what you are meant to do exactly.

The preview is in two parts, both with different levels. The game looks fairly near to completion, apart from possibly some other maps.

As you can read from the article taken from Fairlight’s site… this preview was actually being sponsered by Lego in 1991, though this connection collapsed, and so did work on the game. No other company wanted to license a Lego game.

The preview became part of a demo by Fairlight called ironically “Legoland”. But this is a game in its own right which was sadly never finished. They opened up the game to offers of publishing, but the site is out of date, and the game still sits doing nothing. According to Pontus Berg, you can enter the level editor by a key combination of Ctrl, shift and shift.

This is all that really remains, until we gain contact with the people behind it…

Brings back memories of the fun with Lego as a child!…

Contributions: Jon Mines, Jason Kelk

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Extracted from Fairlight’s site, and development status of this game…

Linking Leroy visits SpaceLand!

The story behind the game:

Earth is too small and people have moved to other planets in our solarsystem developping the natural resources there. But the mean Styggos has his own interests in an other solarsystem and want to destroy everything. He has adapted nuclear bombs on all planets. The quest for Leroy is to find all the keys and disarm the bombs before the explode!

But why making a game??

Actually this project has been going on since 1991… FairLight released the first Demo in the Legoland serie, and we were sponsored by Lego for this. Me and Bacchus thought it would be a good idea and lots of fun to create our own game, and why not making a LEGO game. So the first levels of this game was in a LEGO environment. A preview was released in our demo LEGOLAND2 in ’92. But our connections to the LEGO company has broken, and no gamecompany was willing to release a game based on the LEGO concept. So we had to redesign the game to be able to release it…

However, our graphic artist in FairLight – Ogami – was too lazy to do this, so the project was put on ice for some time.. (A few years!!). Now I have increased my graphic skills, and I’m painting the graphics on my own. I’m not that skilled in making music, so the gametunes will come from Red Devil!

Tools used… If anyone is interested?
The tools we have used for the Leory project so far:
Xmem Assembler 3.x by Tron/FairLight (Ofcourse!!)
TronMon 2.x by Tron/FairLight.
Special FLT version of Graphics Editor by Harlekin/FairLight. First version by J.Fox from Firebird.
KoalaPainter from Koala Industries.
Action Replay MKV and MKVI from Datel.
And lots of homebrewed tools for converting graphics and building the levels!

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  1. What’s the deal with the space level? I know the first level was included with Legoland 2, but the only releases of the second one I can find are ones that others added their own intros to, both supposedly from 1999. Did it have an “official” release anywhere?

    • I’m not sure Raider – possibly it was leaked via a contact who was friends with the developer. Hopefully someone will give us more background about the game in the future to add to the page.

  2. Harlekin and I coded the game – both coders. Ogami did the gfx. In the demo you can enter the leveleditor by a key combination. Ctrl, shift and shift if I recall correctly.

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