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And we thought that only Platform Mania and Colditz V1 were the titles we were looking for from Ste Pattullo. Well, we were wrong, and Labyrinths was yet another title which never got to see the light of day, sadly due to the dwindling C64 market at the time, where support would have been limited from companies for the game.

Labyrinth’s is a kind of top down/slanted Pacmania clone, where you control a rather “Pac-like” character who munches dots in a maze and avoids various nasties. Actually, add in a bit of Mazemania to Pacmania, and we’ve pretty much summed up Labyrinths, as it also features different floor tiles which have an effect on you and deplete your energy.

The 3D effect is good once you see how its working, though it would have required more work to be more convincing first off.
The game plays well in this early form, and shows promising signs of what could have been a nice little budget game. It certainly isn’t original, but it seems to be better than most efforts that appeared on budget.

The demo features around 4 levels, and graphics by the creator of Bod Squad. However, I couldn’t reach past the first level, due to some bugs. If you collect all the pills and go to your starting point, the game will crash. Go to the final door to the far right, you can walk in the background. Be careful, as you can get stuck in part of a maze with no exit.

This is essentially all that ever existed of the game before it was cancelled, so there is no search to perform on this one. It is a new previously unseen title which we are very proud to add to the archives thanks to Ste who recently got in touch with GTW about his work.

Go check it out and enjoy another “What if”… Certainly it won’t help you burn the midnight oil away for playing, but it is a nice preview which should interest those who follow those games once lost…

Unless Ste has more to say or uncover on this game, its case closed.

A nice early preview with plenty of promise…

Contributions: Ste Pattullo

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Creator speaks

Ste Pattullo speaks about work on Labyrinths…

“Labyrinths was the last game I wrote. It was a bit late for the 64 market as the Amiga had taken over.

The idea of the game was to make your way around the scrolling maze and eat all of the dot things then get back to where you started.

The game is supposed to give an impression of a 3D Maze, some people could see it, others couldn’t

I think there are 4 levels in there and the game was far from finished.

The music was pinched from a demo and I think was by Jeroen Tel, the main sprites were by Kent Murray who wrote The Bod Squad and went on to work on the SNES.”

Ste Pattullo.

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