Log X

A. Bujdoso

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A game which sadly could be lost forever… This was a title by Artur Bujdoso (Who created Marbloid which is also in the archives) that was mimicking "Dynamix" and "Compunet". The game got to a kind of "playable preview" but it can only be found in Artur’s memories as far as he knows.

There doesn’t seem to be any version of it in existance … though we do live in hope that Artur will find some disks in the future with something of the game on that we can preserve for posterity.

We know little more than this tiny titbit for now. Maybe you were involved on the game with Artur and have something on it to salvage?… Please get in touch!

Can this game ever be found?…

Contributions: Artur Bujdoso

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  1. Hello,

    Since it was sad to read that it only exists in my memory (which is true) I am determined to actually remake the game. Back then I had little knowledge of game dynamics, parallelism and graphics in general. Now it’s a bit different and maybe I can close this case.

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