LOGO-Logic 1 and 2

No Man's Land

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very short entry to highlight a currently missing title which may or may not have been released. Possibly an education title with the LOGO language by No Man’s Land, was it completed or released? Can you help us find and preserve the title? Well, thanks to Marco ‘Exile’ Das, we learn that both LOGO-Logic 1 and 2 were released and just need to be preserved: It is hoped that both will be digitally preserved soon, so they can be checked off the list. For now we’ll keep this entry open until then. With thanks to Bertrand / Atari Frog from http://www.atarimania.com for flagging up.

Contributions: Bertrand / Atari Frog, Marco ‘Exile’ Das

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