Lord MC

Cherry Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A wonderful sequel to the popular Heavenbound game by Cosmos Designs was in production for Cherry Software in 1996, causing a storm by offering some great new gameplay, and this time from a left-right scrolling perspective.

A lot similiar to the Freds Back series, Lord MC Sun had the typical great graphics and sonics like past Cosmos Designs games, and would have surely been a great game release for the scene.

Unfortunately, as with many of the Cherry Software games, Lord MC Sun was scrapped. This was the likely event of companies not making a good profit anymore, and Cosmos Designs pulled out of the C64 scene after realising this… leaving 3 unfinished games behind.

It is not known how much more work Cosmos Designs actually completed since this preview and before it was scrapped, but hopefully contact with Hannes Sommer will establish if any more of the game exists anywhere.

Quite possibly we may see this some day on our screens in a later version.

More hunting for this one…

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