Lord Mc Sun

Cherry Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A sequel to the wonderful Heavenbound game by Cosmos Designs was in production for Cherry Software in 1996. It caused a bit of a storm in a software drought era for the C64, promising some great new gameplay, and with a left-right scrolling perspective.

A lot similar to the Fred’s Back series, Lord MC Sun had the typical great graphics and sounds like with past Cosmos Designs games, and no doubt would have been a great late release for the C64.

Unfortunately, as with many of the Cherry Software games, Lord MC Sun was scrapped. This was likely due to the event of companies not making a good profit anymore, and Cosmos Designs pulled out of the C64 scene after realising this leaving 3 unfinished games behind.

It is not known how much more work Cosmos Designs actually completed since this preview, and before it was scrapped. Hannes Sommer suggested that this was as far as the game had ever got.

Case sadly closed for this one.

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06/11/21 – Tidied up review and details, fixed name.

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